Splashy Gold Fish

Play the amazing "Splashy Gold Fish" app and amaze your friends with the high score! Just tap the screen to make the gold fish swim through the water like a bird in the sky, but be careful, there are obstacles to avoid and a wild shark that likes to eat little splashy gold fish.
*Fun & easy to play!
*If you like other tap apps like the flappy flying things, you're going to love Splashy Gold Fish!
*Cool underwater sounds!
*Very addictive!
Download it now and have hours of fun at your finger tips!

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Frantic Chicken!

Well, someone has scattered poor Floppy the chickens eggs everywhere again and it's up to you to gather them up before the mean old fox gets to them. Just tap the screen to make floppy fly like a bird to gather her eggs, but be careful of the obstacles coming her way! Avoid the fox that will try to jump up and get poor Floppy.

*Hours of fun waiting to be had!
*Very Addictive and Easy to Play!
*If you enjoy other tap games you're sure to fall in love with Frantic Chicken!

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Hunting Calls Ringtones & More

Hunting Calls Ringtones & More is more than your average animal call app. This app has many useful calls, plus this app lets you save the calls as ringtones or notification sounds!  This feature alone is worth it's weight in Gold. Have you ever been perched in just the right spot, when suddenly the phone rings and scares away the big one? That will never happen again, as now when you get that unexpected phone call, the only sound will be that of nature, maybe even calling the game closer!
You can also custom the wallpaper of the app with your choice of preloaded backgrounds, all with the great outdoors theme.
There is even an image capture section with a camera shutter that sounds like a real shotgun blast! How cool is that?
Be sure to check out our other hunting apps, there is sure to be something for everyone!

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Bird Sounds Ringtones Free

Set any one of these amazing sounds as a ringtone or notification on your Android phone.
Bird Sounds Ringtones is a must have for the outdoors lover. Ten of the most wonderful birds sounds!
Wake up to the sound of spring when you set as Alarm notification! Listen to the Mourning Dove sing her song, close your eyes and it seems like your really there. Sounds include a Robin, Mourning Dove, Blue Jay, Blue Bird, Crow, Seagull, and more! Make your ring tone a happy one and get Bird Ring tones TODAY!
To set a sound as your ringtone, simply hold your finger on the sound button until the menu pops up. Then choose to set the sound as either a ringtone or notification!

Thank you for using our apps!
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ALL IN ONE Fingerprint Scanner

Every fingerprint scanner you've ever wanted in this ONE super cool app!

This one application include the famous "Lie Detector" fingerprint scanner along with Love Scanner, Monster Scanner, Rock Paper Scissors, Mood Scanner, and the infamous Idiot Scanner. With a home screen that works like a desktop, you just tap the icon of the scanner you want to use and there it is. Nothing could be easier!

With a detailed help menu to help you understand the app, using this app is a breeze!

An all new settings menu allows you to change the wallpapers from a choice of pre-installed backgrounds!

No matter which scanner you need, you'll find it right here at your finger tips when you need it.

Thank you for downloading our apps. We hope you find them helpful and enjoyable. If you have any suggestions for us, be sure to let us know via e-mail.
We want you to be happy!
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Voice Lie Detector

Voice lie detector!
Speak a statement into the mic and let the truth come out!
Was he really out with another woman instead of working late? Is she just after you for your money? Did your friend lie about you? Was he at the night club drinking beer with the guys, or was he really at the office catching up on paper work? Find out the answers to these and other questionable things with....The Lie Detector!
Tons of fun just waiting to be had!

This app uses voice recognition to detect that a statement was made, then it will give a random response.

This app cannot really tell the truth from a lie but your friends won't know that! Get a random "Truth" or "Lie" with each new statement.

For Entertainment Purposes Only!
Download it Here

Deer hunting app with ringtones & deer calls!Season is open!
Bag the biggest buck and have the photo to prove it!
With this big game hunting app, you actually go into the wide open countryside and find the game. Line up the crosshairs of the camera and shoot the picture with a realistic sounding shotgun blast! The image is then saved on your device. You have a choice of three different deer calls to lure that big buck out into the open for a clear shot. With this recently updated version, you are now able to save the call sounds as RINGTONES or notifications.
The ringtones option is a must if you carry your phone with you while hunting. Ever be watching that big buck walking along unsuspecting and then your phone rings and scares him away? Well now all he will hear is a doe or fawn, or which ever sound you have set as your ringtone. Don't miss another shot because of a phone call in the field, get Deer Hunting app now.
Happy Hunting!
You also have the option of using the camera on your device to take a regular photo. Get out there and scope out the big ones with this handy hunting app, so when the season finally does open, you know where they are and which one you're looking for! This app is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any misuse of this app.
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Turkey hunting application that is sure to aid in your outdoor adventures. Seek out the wild game, then capture the image with sounds just like a real shot gun. This app also includes wild turkey calls to help lure that game out into the open where you are able to get a clean shot. This app also allows you to set a turkey call as your RINGTONE or notifications.
The ringtones option is a must if you carry your phone with you while hunting. Ever be watching that hen clucking along unsuspecting and then your phone rings and scares her away? Well now all she will hear is another hen clucking, or which ever sound you have set as your ringtone. Don't miss another shot because of a phone call in the field, get Turkey Hunter now.Happy Hunting!
For entertainment purposes only. Not responsible for misuse of this application.
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Easy Spell it Right Pro

Finally a spelling checker that you can take with you anywhere. Works great for word games & crossword puzzles. Have you ever had someone ask you how to spell a word? Well now you'll know. Just pull out the "Spell it Right" app, speak the word you want to spell and the correct spelling is displayed. No matter how big a word is, how unusual it may be, the Spell it Right app will find the correct spelling. Simple & fun to use.
This is the paid version of this app. To try before you buy, download the ad supported free version.
Download it here