Deer hunting app with ringtones & deer calls!Season is open!
Bag the biggest buck and have the photo to prove it!
With this big game hunting app, you actually go into the wide open countryside and find the game. Line up the crosshairs of the camera and shoot the picture with a realistic sounding shotgun blast! The image is then saved on your device. You have a choice of three different deer calls to lure that big buck out into the open for a clear shot. With this recently updated version, you are now able to save the call sounds as RINGTONES or notifications.
The ringtones option is a must if you carry your phone with you while hunting. Ever be watching that big buck walking along unsuspecting and then your phone rings and scares him away? Well now all he will hear is a doe or fawn, or which ever sound you have set as your ringtone. Don't miss another shot because of a phone call in the field, get Deer Hunting app now.
Happy Hunting!
You also have the option of using the camera on your device to take a regular photo. Get out there and scope out the big ones with this handy hunting app, so when the season finally does open, you know where they are and which one you're looking for! This app is for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any misuse of this app.
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