Hunting Calls Ringtones & More

Hunting Calls Ringtones & More is more than your average animal call app. This app has many useful calls, plus this app lets you save the calls as ringtones or notification sounds!  This feature alone is worth it's weight in Gold. Have you ever been perched in just the right spot, when suddenly the phone rings and scares away the big one? That will never happen again, as now when you get that unexpected phone call, the only sound will be that of nature, maybe even calling the game closer!
You can also custom the wallpaper of the app with your choice of preloaded backgrounds, all with the great outdoors theme.
There is even an image capture section with a camera shutter that sounds like a real shotgun blast! How cool is that?
Be sure to check out our other hunting apps, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Download it here

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